The Top 10 Lingerie Types

Lingerie is the first thing you wear before putting on any clothes, so choosing the best lingerie type for yourself is important.

Many people are unaware of the variety of lingerie types available.

Instead, they often do a simple Google search for the best lingerie and buy the first one they see.

Often, they don't even consider other types of lingerie in the market.

As the best lingerie store in Australia, we aim to increase your knowledge in the lingerie world, ensuring you always go right with your choices.

In this blog, we've got you covered whether you're looking for bridal lingerie, crotchless lingerie, plus-size lingerie, or any other type of lingerie.

What is lingerie

sexy valentines lingerie

Before we delve into the different types of lingerie, let's first understand what lingerie is.

Lingerie refers to the undergarment clothing that women wear beneath their outer clothes.

Lingerie serves as the more sensual and alluring version of our everyday bras and panties.

Women typically wear this intimate attire when they wish to evoke a sense of eroticism, especially when in the company of their significant others.

These garments are crafted from lightweight fabrics like silk, satin, lycra, chiffon, and lace.

Top 10 Different Styles of Lingeries

In this blog, we'll focus on discussing the top 10 best lingerie styles that are particularly popular among women aged 18-35. They are

1. Babydoll Lingerie

Babydoll lingerie

Babydoll lingerie is a short, sleeveless garment resembling a nightgown, commonly worn by girls for sleepwear.

Why it is called babydoll it is because of the style of this lingerie this lingerie is short and sleeveless that is how people call it babydoll lingerie.

As this lingerie is designed to be worn as sleepwear it is made of super comfortable lightweight and breathable materials like cotton and silk.

Babydoll lingerie can be worn on various occasions, whether for intimate moments with a partner or simply to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed feel.

Why to wear Babydoll Lingerie

1. Babydoll lingerie is not only super comfortable for a good night's sleep but also alluring, making it perfect for intimate moments with your partner or even for occasions like bachelorette parties.

2. Babydoll lingerie is available in various varieties so you can choose the best one for your taste.

3. What sets babydoll lingerie apart is its dual functionality. Unlike other lingerie types worn under dresses, babydoll lingerie is designed to be worn comfortably as sleepwear.

2. Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie

When a bride prepares for her wedding she searches for everything from the bridal dress to the shoes.

However, bridal lingerie is often overlooked, despite being as crucial as the dress or shoes.

Bridal lingerie refers to the undergarments worn with the bridal dress. Its purpose extends beyond intimacy with your husband.

Choosing the right bridal lingerie can enhance your beauty, provide comfort, and offer support under your wedding dress.

Bridal lingerie includes bras, panties, corsets, and garters. Your choice of bridal lingerie depends on your bridal dress. If you are wearing a strapless gown a strapless bra is ideal for you.

Popular fabrics for bridal lingerie include lace, satin, and silk, adding a touch of elegance to this essential part of the bridal ensemble.

3. Crotchless Lingerie

Crotchless lingerie

Crotchless lingerie is a type of lingerie that has an open crotch area. Similar to other lingerie styles but designed for easy access to intimate areas while maintaining the enjoyment of traditional lingerie.

Crotchless lingerie is a bold and erotic choice that women wear on special occasions or when they want to increase intimacy with their partner.

Some couples opt for crotchless lingerie not just for its sensual appeal but also for its practicality, allowing for intimate moments without the need to remove the lingerie.

Reason to Wear Crotchless Lingerie

1. The design of crotchless lingerie is intended to add spice to intimate moments by providing easy access to the intimate areas without the need to remove the lingerie, thanks to the opening at the crotch area.

2. This lingerie is suitable for special occasions such as anniversaries, surprising your partner on their birthday, or adding excitement to your daily life.

4. Robes and Wraps

Robes and Wraps

Robes are loose-fitting outer garments made of lightweight fabrics like silk, satin, and cotton.

In comparison, wraps are shorter than robes. The primary purpose of robes is for women to wear them after getting ready, providing coverage for their lingerie.

Both robes and wraps enhance the overall lingerie experience by adding an extra layer of elegance and comfort.

Moreover, the act of unwrapping a robe can elevate the intimate experience, building anticipation and intensifying the connection between partners.

5. Plus-size Lingerie

Plus Size Lingerie

Plus-size lingerie is specifically designed for women with larger body sizes, providing stylish and comfortable innerwear for those with curvier figures.

According to statistics, 46 million people are above the average BMI range. If you are curvy and in search of the best lingerie for your size, plus-size lingerie is just for you.

The primary goal of plus-size lingerie is to empower and instill confidence in curvier women, ensuring that they feel beautiful and comfortable in their lingerie.

Plus-size lingerie typically starts from size 14 and extends to accommodate various body sizes beyond.

6. Bodysuits


Bodysuits and teddies are one-piece lingerie items designed to create a smooth look on the body. Crafted from stretchy materials like stretch lace, they ensure a comfortable fit.

Various styles of bodysuits and teddies are available in the market, each designed for specific purposes.

Here are some popular styles

1. Thong Bodysuits: Ideal for wearing under tight clothes as they don't reveal panty lines.

2. Lace Bodysuits: Can be worn alone as lingerie or layered under jackets and blazers for a chic, dressed-up look.

3. Mesh Bodysuits: Often used as sexy lingerie, they can also be paired with high-waisted pants or skirts for a stylish night-out ensemble.

7. Corsets


Corsets and bustiers have been used by women for a long time as underwear to highlight their shapes and curves.

Corsets help women to have a feminine figure because this lingerie helps them tighten their waist and support their breasts.

For those desiring a similar style to a corset but with added comfort, bustiers are an excellent option.

They offer the same aesthetic appeal as corsets without compromising on style and comfort.

8. See-through Lingerie

see through lingerie

See-through lingerie is a type of lingerie crafted from transparent materials, allowing one's body to be visible even while wearing it.

This lingerie is often chosen by individuals looking to add an intimate touch to their private moments.

Available in various forms, including bras and panties, see-through lingerie is favored by some girls specifically for private, intimate occasions.

Others opt for this style as everyday clothing, finding it comfortable and adding a seductive touch to their outfits.

9. Garters and Garter Belts


Garter and garter belts are classic lingerie accessories that have been popular for many years now. 

Garters are narrow bands that are made of elastic material to be worn around the thigh to hold up stockings.

Garters come in various styles that range from simple bands to more intricate designs. 

They often have decorative elements such as lace, ribbon, or bows. Women generally wear a garter on special occasions like weddings or romantic moments with their partners.

Garter belts are wider than garters and they are designed to wear around the waist and hips. These belts come in various styles from classic designs to modern designs. Fabric like satin is used to make garter belts.

You can wear a garter belt as a part of your lingerie set and also you can wear this belt with everyday clothing.

10. Bralette


Bralette is a type of lingerie that is soft, lightweight and lacks underwire and molded cups.

A bralette is a type of bra that is soft, lightweight, and typically lacks underwire or molded cups.

Bralettes are known for their simple design and feature soft cups that give a more natural and relaxed fit when you compare them with traditional bras. 

They are made from comfortable materials such as lace, cotton, and microfiber so that women's wear them with everyday outfits.

They are an excellent choice for individuals who prefer a more relaxed and unrestricted feel.