How To Buy Seductive Lingerie For Your Sexy Lady This Valentine

Hello, and welcome if you are looking to buy sexy lingerie online in Australia this Valentine. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so you might want to play close attention on how to buy lingerie gift for your someone special.

Find Out What Sizes She Wears:

The most important part of shopping lingerie for your lady love is to know her size, because if she is a size 8 and you gift her a size 2, those lacy panties will not make it past her thighs, which totally defeats the purpose.

To be certain about her size, have a glance at her wardrobe and check out the size of her panties, bras, and clothing size. It will come in handy when you visit Lingerie Seduction to buy from our huge sexy lingerie collections.

Know Her Likings:

Does she admire super skimpy thongs, or does she love a bit more coverage? Are her panties and bras colorful or are they generally black? Do you notice so much lace, or just plain cotton? You need to keep all these things in mind to make your lingerie buying a whole lot easier.

Luxury Black Lace European Quarter Cup Bra Set


There’re many different types of bras to chose from, and each type looks and feel different which means some are suitable for busty girls, and some are better suited for smaller tatas. Listed below are a few of the main types of bras that you must know about:

White Lace European Quarter Cup Bra Set for Valentine’s Day

  • Unlined: If your girl is already blessed with sizable breasts, unlined bra is a wise option because it’s not heavy, and she will fit it out just right.
  • Push up: Opt for a push up bra if you are a huge fan of sexy cleavage.
  • Demi: Ideal for nearly all chest types & sizes, the demi bra comes with a negligible amount of lining without really pushing anything up.
  • Bralette: Perfect for women who don’t want to mess with any padding or wires, bralettes are a wonderful alternative to going braless. This is also a great option for anyone who chooses comfort over bustiness.


There’re many different kinds of panties out there, and each woman has her favourite. So, depending on which of the below mentioned panties you have seen on your lady love, it might be smart to opt with that.

  • Thongs: also, adorably known as butt floss, thongs are perfect for wearing under tight clothing… or showing off in the bedroom.
  • Bikini: As the name says, this type of panty is a pleasing undergarment that comes just with the correct amount of cheeky coverage in the back to look sexy on anyone.
  • Briefs: Another universal favourite, briefs are highly acknowledged by women who like a bit more coverage.
sexiest women lingerie

Hopefully, you will be able to pick some sexy panties and bras like a pro after reading this helpful guide. Now you please visit Lingerie Seduction to choose from some of the sexiest women lingerie in Australia.