A Definitive Guide on Plus Size Lingerie Australia – Everything One Needs To Know

The online shopping option for plus-size lingerie is expanding. When it comes to buying the best plus size lingerie Australia, you look for pieces that will feel both comfortable and supportive and of course, make you look and feel good.

While you may find a variety of stores that now carry plus size lingerie clothing, it is still difficult to arrive at a truly beautiful and well-fitted product. So, how to choose a perfect plus-size bra?

Band Size

Measure tightly against your underbust, where usually your bra band sits.

Cup Size

Measure your complete bust part by keeping the measuring tape around your back at the band level.

Waist Size

Measure your natural waist

Hip Size

Measure the size of your hip at the widest part.

Identifying Six Signs That Show That You Are Under Plus Size

Anyone can know their ideal bra when they know their size correctly. If you notice the following type of problem, it shows that the bra that you are using now is not the correct fit and it is time to swap into big-size bras.

  • Slipping straps
  • Digging straps
  • Digging bands
  • Band rides high
  • Band rides low
  • Double bust
  • Side bust
  • Under bust
  • Caping cup

Why Plus Size Bras Are Suitable For Heavy Busts?


Many of you think that choosing plus size lingerie Australia is the toughest task. But in reality, a plus size bra is the most functional one when compared to other bras. And every plus size bra is suitable for larger busts if you are aware of its features.

Band: Bands are the main support system for a woman’s breast. Whenever you tend to choose a bra check whether your finger tips fit between your bra and skin. If it does not fit then it is too tight. If you see a gap between your skin and bra, then it is too loose.

Cup: Bra cups come in as the priority when you are about to buy a bra. The cup is avital part of a bra. It gives support to the breast and helps to keep it in place. There are a variety of cup coverage and layers depending on one’s preference.

Straps: The straps connect the front and back of a bra and playa pivotal role in supporting the breasts. There are several varieties of straps such as transparent, strapless, single strap, halter neck, cross-back, traditional, spaghetti straps, and think and thick straps.

Fabric: There are a variety of plus size bras and hence the fabrics too. Each type has its own different type of fabric lending the correct benefit as per one’s preference. Some bras are made out of two or more blends of fabrics.

Benefits of Plus Size Bras

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Better Fit: The right plus size bras improve posture with their perfect fit and also protect you from breast tissue damage, shoulder slouch, back pain, and skin irritation.

Shape: there are so many different types of comfortable plus size bras to accommodate the shape you want.

Support: Plus size bras will always give you the support that you need. You no more have to worry about spillage or wardrobe malfunction.

Coverage: The perfect cups will cover your full bust and enhance your cleavage thereby giving you a younger and sexy look.

Style: Plus size bras are available in many different styles and designs. Choosing the right one will compliment your outfit. You can choose them as per your mode of occasion without sacrificing the comfortness.

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